So I have though about writing a few more of those, that I happened to meet again after a long time.
This one, I met during my internship. It was a brief and kinda intense affair/relation or whatever one could call it. We read each other totally wrong and no wonder it did not last much. She had just joined, I was towards the end. She was funny, cute, playful and sharp, sharper than what I had thought. She worked with me on a patient welfare project and made some interesting remarks about poetry and literature. And she could get me talking! I thought we shared similar interests and loved talking to her. Within a few days, I could talk with her for hours, opening up myself to her, which at that time, I would hardly do to even my close friends. It went well for some time, she seemed to take listen and share her stories. But soon conversations did not go as planned. I would talk to her about something I had read and she would cut me and say, hold me like this. I would do that and start talking again, she would cut me and say lets take a picture in this pose etc. I would talk to her about my issues and she would say, her biggest issue is that she feels her bosom is too small compared to her hips!! We both soon realized that we were too different.
She introduced me to a cardiology resident she started seeing, tall, dark, upbeat and lively. And I thought they are indeed suited to each other.
When I met her again in a social gathering after years, found out that she was married to the same guy; surprisingly though, he was very different. He had grown a beard, was very quiet and sat alone on the side most of the time. I wondered what had she done to him?