The meaning of the word is "I create what I Speak." Looking at scores of 30/40/50 year old virgins who no women desired, I wanted my boys to be desirable and popular.

Lil Hariss now has a fan, a lovely girl in our neighbourhood, comes from an amazing family bursting with energy, happiness and positive energy. She is an aspiring actress and just got a leading role in a movie.

She just had thanks giving dinner with our family, we asked her to say Grace. She offered to drive harris to school every morning. She is a year older than him and has boxed for 4 years and has a personal trainer. She was impressed with how clean harris's room was.

Safy is better looking but harris has an amazing charming personality and everyone wants to do things for him.

I am just not going to interfere and let things just happen.

Safys love life sucked for a bit and I knew if I get a car for him things will improve and now I hear he is with an Iranian girl. He says now he finds brown girls more attractive.