So I decided to help my staff close some showhomes today, went in this beautiful split level and the laundry room has a huge sliding barn door, they keep the barn door open so people can see the laundry set and cabinets and I thought looking at laundry is not so appealing so I pushed the door to close it. I went upstairs to turn all the lights off and it got dark in the home with eerie shadows from the light filtering in thru window coverings and to my surprise the barn door that I had shut was open and startled me and got thinking that redvelvet was right all along, maybe Jinn Bhoot do exist. After a few moments my causation brain took over and I decide to slide the door again, the tracks were really smooth and the door hit the other end and rebounded right I live another day and didn't get killed by Jinns.

So here are some challenges that secular/religious marriages present, I have come across people who live a crippled life, since childhood the parents terrified them of Jinn Bhoot, jadoo, tona. When my wife's sister came over she would not let us go out as she was afraid of the dark and thought the normal house sounds and wind flapping the exhaust fan/fireplace covers were signs of possessed home also the wood floors sometimes just creak.

When my children used to come running to us scared of a bad dream my wife would tell them say Ayat ul Kursi and the monsters would run away, I would rather she say baita there are no monsters or Jinns or bhoots.

Eventually I got them out of the influence and now they have no problem sleeping in the forest in pitch black darkness with towering trees creaking and distant howling of wolves.

When we go camping and you see all these girls who just came out of the showers with untied long blond hair, small shorts, no duppatta and surrounded by huge towering trees in vicinity of roaring rivers and no Jinn would posses them. Back home they used to say that if the girls go under a tree at night the Jinn would posses them or if a girl roams at night without a duppatta maybe a Jinn will fall in love with her.