So several years back I helped my widowed SIL immigrate to Canada, I got her here as a refugee. My wife had told me that she is the sweetest, kindest, most generous and very educated and sophisticated lady. She had a visitor visa to USA. I asked her to fly to Montana and I drove 16 hrs straight with my young family to get her. I got her to border and claim refugee status. She was legit refugee as she was married into an Afridi clan and after her husband passed away Afridis started harassing her that a woman cant live alone and she should become the second wife of his brother and hand over the property.

So rather than being grateful right of the bat she starts giving me chit, she is asking why I dont have servants for her sister and my 4000 sq ft home is not big enough and all sorts of trouble. When my wife didnt side with her she started playing guilt trips on her and told her that she should be indebted to her because of her Duas she was able to find a good husband. We gave her many chances to improve her behavior but she wouldnt change. We finally had to ask her to leave and now she lives by herself. She antagonised everyone so noone talks to her but I still feed her every once in a while. So today I cooked for her. Karachi Tawwa Kaleji and Methi Machli...yummmmmmmmmmy.