So drove 1000Km to bring Safy and his car to the resort town of Kelowna for his Uni, the roads are so winding and mountainous and I didnt enjoy driving thr massive SUV on these road but felt like James Bond with the sports car, we are staying at late Dr. Zahids house. Dr Zahids youngest sister was visiting from NY. She got divorced after 22 yrs of marriage and now works very hard. I am thinking that the divorce stuff is hitting Pak community also but MA both her daughters are doing amazing, one has full scholarship for Harvard and other studying Law at NY. Zahids wife was saying only one sister keeps in touch out of a really large family who are all doctors n surgeons. What a mistake worrying about approval and validation from family who wont be there if you died and would ditch your children.

I am happy I am rugged, both me and Safy are sleeping on the floor and really couldn't tell the difference. I like these bonding trip, walked downtown on the beach and bought him some wicked Tandoori food.

Drive was so beautiful James Bonding thru clouds on the mountains. Late Dr. Zahid has such a gorgeous house on a mountain overlooking the great lake.