All that matters is i have someone who loves me dearly, she smothers me with kisses and hugs. I am so glad I fought the whole world for her and being ostracized was just a small price to pay.

In other news Safy wants to compete in Olympics for India or Pakistan. He is starting to wolf down meat so I am thinking he will become big soon.

Harris qualified for Nationals and is leaving for Sherbrook On 26th. An older female athlete took advantage of Safy when he was drunk at the nationals, hope Harris is not attacked.

I took Safys car to work and she is a proppa GHUNDEE on the highway, just growls and purrs and gives u a whiplash, so bad on gas.

SID_NY It does not seem I am unbanned, I cant post, reply or start threads or respond to posts on my blogs or like/dislike