Last night I had a panic attack randomly. Five minutes earlier I was talking to my mom about how bright the moon was and how it was encompassed in between 3 stars creating a triangle. Later, I started feeling funny when I was alone in my room. It became increasingly difficult for me to breathe, I felt really warm, and had desire to quench my increasing thirst simultaneously. I couldn't look around because anything out of place bothered me. At first I tried to tidy up things, then drank 800mL water bottle all at once. After, I just laid down on the floor and closed my eyes, trying to calm myself down and get my breathing to become regular. Idk how long I laid there but it took a while for me to stop panicking.

Then this morning I got the news that my sole phupho passed away. I am not sure how to feel exactly, on one hand I understand all of us come and will go but on the other hand I feel really sad even though I have not seen her for 8 years. She was a good person and my favorite aunt. May Allah grant her Jannatul firdous. Ameen