So I recently went down an internet rabbit hole. It started off with me wanting to see how our perception of time would change if we could see in 4d. From 4d, I jumped on to learning about 5th dimension, the 6th, and so on. This naturally led me to String theory and from string theory to LHC which is The large hadron collider at CERN. Although I knew about LHC, I wanted to learn about how it exactly works so when I was watching animations regarding the LHC, along pops up a video on Mandela Effect. Intrigued by how Mandela effect is connected to LHC, I clicked on it. Well here is where things get interesting, so there is a conspiracy theory that at CERN, where the hadron collider speeds up protons of hydrogen to pretty much speed of light and smashes them together in an environment replicating vacuum of space, by doing so they have opened up some portal to other parallel universes and the merging of these universes is causing Mandela effect or that they are deliberately tweaking the past in subtle ways. That is the jest of the theory. Now I found the whole thing quite amusing but a couple of examples made me do a double take.

If any of you have watched Star wars movies, what color is c3po? I remember him being completely gold but watching the film now, he suddenly has a silver leg. That was so strange to me. Apparently I am not the only one, many people remember him being completely gold.

Oh and another one being Mona Lisa, I remember there being debates on whether Mona lisa is smiling or not, she had neutral expression but now in the original painting, she is clearly smiling. Those of us who remember things a bit differently, are we just from a different universe? Lolll