This whole week my kid's Pre-K is celebrating Week of the Young Child. While it is fun, they are way over the top! Then again it is a lot of fun for the little ones, despite being a pain for the parents. We stayed up later than bedtime working on an "About Me" book for H. Of course it had to pretty and flowery for her with hearts and unicorns! I think we did a pretty good job. Took pretty stationary cards and decrated them, punched holes and tied a ribbon through to make a "book". Now today is Wacky Wednesday where you dress a little crazy plus now at 1:30 they are having a little Crazy Hat Parade. We made the hat over the weekend. Normally I let them add stickers to a hat.....BUT OH MY....the hats in her class were amazing and she insisted we do something really "cool".

So we headed to Michael's and my good luck there was some Easter Chick foam decoration kit thingy on sale for $2!! Perfect!! Initially she wanted to add flowers or a birds nest type thing. I talked her into the $2 deal! It actually was some sort of table decoration but we worked it into a hat formation!!! So just dropped my mom off to her doctor's appt and now after running errands I can attend her parade. Aww my last baby. I think she will always be my baby..even when she is older.

A few days ago she was looking a little sad with a pouty face (she is always dramatic). I asked her what is wrong. She goes "I am going to miss you when I am in college...Please come bring food for me though because I will be hungry"....hahah what!! No clue must have heard her brother talking or something. LOL
I love the little quips that come out of her mouth. She is gonna be quite a patakka when she grows up. Mashallah

Now my big guy is Mashallah a good kid overall and usually easy-going BUTTTT OMG can be quite stubborn sometimes. I think back and well he is actually like me...and that worries me!! I know the hell I put my mom through...urgh hope its not coming back to me...urgh I never took a simple no for an answer....and neither does he....jeez. I worry for the teenage years!

Otherwise my mom's khaloo (khala's husband) in Toronto passed away Monday in the hospital. He lived a good long life Mashallah se but still a bit sad. Ammi got back from Toronto Monday night. Her flight was delayed so eek picked her up around midnight instead of 10:30. I still haven't caught up to that sleep and feel lethargic-ish. Hmm.

The weather just simply sucks. I am hoping for a 60+ day soon

What else. Still planning for Yosemite. I am an idiot. The tixx were a good deal few days ago, but price went up. I will wait for price to go down again and jus book. We will figure out accomodations later. But eek everything books up so quick for that park. KIa karu...I reallly want to go.