Yayy! So last week my son participated in MLK Oratory Contest and represented his school as 1 of 2 finalists from the school. Mashallah he got selected on Wednesday as 1 of 6 finalists who will present their speech tonight for the final competition!! When he presented I felt he did a really good job but some other kids were fantastic! We were excited and surprised when his name was called. I feel very proud of him, especially for his discipline and hard work. He was nervous this morning, but I told him to relax. He needs to give it his best shot and that is enough. Khair Nana & Nani are excited cheerleaders and a blessing to have so many duas from them.

They won't be coming today as they need to go to hospital to visit my Mumani who has been hospitalied for the past week. First she fell and had a hip fracture. They did surgery to repair it and then she was shifted to a rehab center. There she felt some extreme pains and was taken back to emergency, turns out she has gallbladder stones. She is suffering as she had complications with hip surgery so docs can not do surgery to remove stones. They are trying alternative treatment instead. Inshallah she will be better soon.

Otherwise spent weekend with family and also Girl Scouts science event. For the amount they charge per person, it was pretty underwhelming. However, U did have a blast hanging out with her Scout Sisters and so did I with the moms. Besides that had my son doing SSAT prep for his upcoming admissions test for Middle School. I cant wait for this week to be over!!

Oh yeah and hubby dearest might be leaving to Paki on a last minute trip. Depends if he gets approval and then what flight he finds. He has vacation days that he carried over and basically manager said to use them or lose them...so he will try to use them. Eeek I will be on my own for 2+ weeks with hectic kids schedule.....urgh...it is ok. Crazy for me but he does need to see his parents as well. I don't think he will even have time to do much shopping there. He told me to order stuff online and have it delivered to his brother's home. Hmm. Need to figure out websites for cute but decently priced outfits. Well let's see.