So tonight my son is participating in a MLK Speech Contest in our local City Hall with the Mayor present. Alhumdulillah he was selected as a finalist again this year from his school. Thankful for him having this opportunity to present in front of 100+ people. I don't mean to brag or anything, but definitely feeling like a very thankful and proud Mama Bear. He will go up against about 16 other kids and then they will choose 6 finalists to present next week for the 3 winners (Prize Money involved). Honestly I just like that he gained confidence and is able to track the audience. For him this is HUGE as he was a SUPER DUPER shy bacha. Mashallah X 10000....

Also I guess because of participating in this, he was asked to give a speech at graduation ceremony in June. His ELA teachers will work with him on writing it. I hope they help, because some of it just hurts my head! I have a tendency to overanalyze everything and end up lost in and undecided. Khair.

Since teacher insisted, I had him get a simple suit with a dress shirt and tie. I thought it was overly formal but she is insisting it will look more professional. Will it look bad if I wore just jeans and a blouse. I don't feel I need to dress up Im gonna go get his clothes ready as it was a gym day so he couldn't dress up to school. Not sure what we will do. Somehow have him change in the minivan? Or find a bathroom!!!! Urgh.

Now I also gotta figure out how to get the other kids from school early as well. Dekho.

Ooh in other random news. For any sports fans out there. There is this charity hockey game at the Prudential Center that you can get cheap tixx to ($23) and seating is open. Soo if you get there early enough, I heard you can get near floor seating or at least the lower rows. THEN....they will give a free voucher for seats to a Yankees Game that if you keep an eye online, you can get fairly decent seats. I think it is called Mikey's CHarity Game for Paralysis....I think. I need to look into it and get the tixx for the March 2nd game if I can still do it. That's all folks. Gotta go get ready and get my gadgets charged!

Need to give Sadqa as well.