Been busy past 2 weeks getting stuff in order for my son's application into middle school. A little frustrating but got it done. Probably petty of me and I will only say it here...but some people are rather annoying me (family). I won't mention it again as I know it's petty but had to get it out. A particular cousin who always asks me for help/guidance/favors which I always end up helping best as I can. She pretty much said No on my request for a little guidance on the application Personal Statement. I don't understand why some people think if someone else did something good, it might effect them? I normally find something and go around sharing details with others...khair. Some people have a tendency to be selfish when it comes to helping others. In any case, I handed in application today and he has an entrance test on the 3rd. Let's see how it goes.

Anyways my son is in 5th grade and "graduating" this year and moving on to 6th grade. This is new to me, because I didnt have any sort of ceremony until 8th grade. Seems like making a hoopla over nothing, but hey it must be done. I dunno of others but I can say I am not smarter than a 5th grader. Urgh some of the stuff/project they get is way over my head, especially this common core crap. Khair Inshallah praying that whatever happens is for his best.

On the other hand, my daughter is a pain. I feel like we are playing tug of war everyday trying to get her to do her homework and minor chores. I try to remind myself each kid has their own personality but sometimes she makes my head hurt. She is an 8 year old going on 16! Jeez. Trying to ease up on her a bit and see if that works with gentle reminders.

And the littlest one is our little cuddly bear Alhumdulillah. Such a chalaqo maasi. Told me the other day "Mama don't you know anything". Lol. Also I need to watch what I say around her. She is such a sponge. I think I got mad at her sibling and yelled "Sit your tooshie down and be quiet"......dunno....
Yesterday she told her Baba "Baba ji come here and sit your tooshie down" my hubby is like whaaat??
Yup need to be careful what I say...haha. The good news is that as worried as we were about her speech progressing, she is catching up! She is getting better with words and pronouncing. Doctor doesn't seem to think she needs speech therapy and will progress just fine. Dekho I have been working with her at home with a lot of suggested activities and see the improvement. Next week I will register her for Pre-K 4 in September.

Time is truly flying.

Other then that weekends have been Girl Scout Meetings and just finished up cookie sales. First time I just didn't care! We normally try to go nuts trying to sell, but this year I just did bare # of orders and called it a day. We will be doing booth sales anyhow so whatever I am fine with it.

Otherwise nothing really new on my end. Taking ammi to Memorial Sloan tomorrow for some tests. Praying hard for her.