Yesterday I called to wish a friend for her birthday and found out that her mother just got diagnosed with a cancer, a tumor in the brain. WTH. I just felt horrid. She hadn't shared with me yet because she thought it would be too heavy for me. Sigh. I didnt even know what to stay. She said they dont give stages with tumors but a grade and it is an aggressive form. Just praying hard for her.

We didnt get to talk long. We will still be making plans for dinner as she really wants that. So will get to talk to her some more. I think back to my mother and the hell we went through when she got diagnosis of Stage 1 Breast Cancer. I can not even imagine the pain she must be going through with such an aggressive form. Uff. It is everywhere! THere must be something going on that every other person it seems is being diagnosed and suddenly all radio stations have advertisements for the best cancer treatments...WTH!!!!!

May Allah protect us!

On a not so serious note....
My daughter's participation in Girl Scouts this year is driving me a little mad. Overall they have improved but some stuff is just poor planning. We had a date set for camping in June. Everything is paid and yesterday we got an email that they need to cut 2 parents from the overnight camping list. Lucky me got cut! What the is fine but I thought it would make more sense for a parent of the older Juniors or Cadettes to be cut. Hmm. Khair.

Now I am trying to decide if I am ok with her (8 yo) to do overnight camping with them. My husband seems to be ok with it as we know the scout moms, but the mama bear in me just can't seem to decide. Urgh!!! Can't they just stick me in a tent somewhere!! Lol. Final option may be for me to spend the day there and leave and let her "camp" overnight" and then come get her the following morning! Urghhh. It is about an hour drive 1 karu!!!

Hmm. I am annoyed with hubby right now. He is leaving to Orlando next weekend for a work conference. The original plan was for me and kids to follow and spend a few days doing Universal or something. It turns out kids each have an exam during that time......and some corny Spring Dance...blah! He thought it wasn't a good idea esp for my son who has graduation this year.....BUT BUT BUT...I talked to the teachers and she said he can make up exam when they come back. Urgh but too late. Genius went ahead and did his bookings through office. Grrr. Now if only my mother and father were available to watch the kids, I can go down with the youngest! LOL

Ammi is trying to go on Umrah so let's see how that pans out. I do not think it is a wise decision with her health but she is adamant. My cousin will be going with her as Mahram and support. It really irks me (I know it shouldn't) why my brother can't go. That's all I will say.

We (mostly my job to are in the process of planning a trip to Yosemite or Yellowstone. It is so hard to decide. First the price of flights was an initial deciding factor and I was leaning towards Yosemite and Big Sur. Today the flight into Salt Lake City for Yellowstone was roughly the same. So I have been reading and reading and getting more confused. I need to pick one now and then the other later I guess. Hmm. I really am looking forward to get away from Jersey and into nature and just relax!!! Also getting myself ready fo rhiking by doing a lot of walking to get back into it....dekho how well we fare.