1st blog for 2018...hmm.

New Year's Eve was spent at home with family. I slept before midnight...lol. I envy not only the people that go out partying on New Year's but also the fact that they can stay awake and have energy!!!!

Oh before that in December my khaloo (khala's husband) passed away. It was pretty shocking and painful as we were close, but tis the way of the world. Alhumdulillah he lived a good life and did not suffer so that is consoling. Khala is coming back this weekend from paki so it will be very tough for her.

Anyways nothing much new going on. All 3 kids are in school full time now so I have a lot more free time. I have made half-arse attempts at starting some sort of studying/learning routine but something is always coming up or I get lazy. I need motivation!!!!

Oh btw our car (sedan) was totaled in a car accident on the day of the storm. So got busy in car search and actually got a good deal on Sulekha surprisingly from a private owner. In the process of getting the documents transferred etc, so perhaps a week or so until owner receives the title and it is transferred to us. Alhumdulillah hubby came out unscathed. He lost control on the icy/snowy road and car did an almost 360 turn. Luckily he just hit the barrier and not any oncoming car.

On the family side, Ammi came back from Pakistan after her long visit and she stayed ok health-wise kinda except got really bad traveller's diarrhea on her way back. We spent the next day after she got back in ER as she was extremely dehydrated. Her trip was supposed to be a relaxing stay after all her doctor visits and radiation and what not. My relatives there...particularly 2-3 of them really piss me off. They are the type to create drama out of freaken nowhere! Blah so instead she dealt with no good drama on a regular basis there. I told her to visit anywhere else but not paki so she can relax. She never listens

I need to vent a little about my eldest bro. I will only admit it here that I have practically lost all respect for him as a person. I know that sounds bad and etc but dunno. I won't not talk to him forever....but...I have lost respect. If he wasn't my brother it would have been over....but alas blood....n blah blah blah. Dunno. His wife is drama queen. Before we actually got annoyed or hurt or whatever but now they are on ignore. I thought that's what she wanted was to be left alone. I can't really be bothered with her anymore. As a matter of fact life had been fairly peaceful not seeing her.... But NOPE. I guess she doesn't like being ignored either???

So now when I visit parent's place and he is there, it is just awkward. At most we say salaam and that's it. Funny thing is he stopped talking to me and younger bro after whatever issue him and babhi had with parents. Like what do me and other bro have to do with anything? We tried to reach out to him but he ignored. I stopped after one or 2 attempts but younger of bros kept trying but he has given up as well.

She is trying really hard to talk about me and my husband and make us look bad. But sadly all she got on us is that her relative asked my hubby to keep someone here for a few weeks. Basically asking us to take care of a stranger couple for a few weeks while they visit USA. Not only keep them but do 5-6 pick/drops from the airport and bus station etc. WTH. My hubby politely refused. And now her relative and her are bad mouthing us all over....like really. He even went to my FIL's home to complain...do like a gila/shikwa type of thing. Surprisingly my FIL told him off. Weird but yay me! Is life that damn boring and empty that this is what you have to entertain yourself with? How about I dunno reading a darn book or meditating or volunteering.....jeez! By the way if they can afford a multi city trip to the US why can't they get a hotel. PS. This relative of hers has a brother in Boston. Blah. I am over it. OK that's all, had to get that off my chest.

I don't like talking about family stuff, but jeez sometimes it is too much.