So we arrived to Islamabad airport on 10/23 in the am and got home around 9:30 ish. We took showers and slept a lot!! MIL woke us up for dinner and then we crashed again. I needed to go shopping for a few outfits before heading to a wedding in Gujrat on Saturday.

But as luck would have it, my toddler got sick by Thursday evening. My guess is she maybe drank some water while bathing. Not sure, she didn't eat anything weird. Thursday morning, after late breakfast and bathing we went back to sleep. I woke up but kids were still asleep. As I was getting suitcases unpacked little one was yelling out to me. By the time I got to her, she had vomited all over the bed. I didn't run to the doc initially because I didn't think it would be that bad. By evening it had gotten much worst. My BIL and family were away (he knows more about Ped docs). My FIL made a few calls to see who is open, and we ended up taking her to CMH emergency ward. Turns out she had food poisoning. She was kept most of the night and given meds as well as a glucose drip. Alhumdulillah she was better by the next morning. I was a little freaked out because I am just unsure of medical stuff in Pindi, who to trust or what facility is clean etc. The doc turned out to be really sweet and kind thankfully.

So we just relaxed Friday and rested. I took a quick trip out to Saddar for lawn kurtas. BIL and family got back Friday night. Somehow we managed to head out to Gujrat Saturday for hubby's niece's wedding. Eeek. It was crazy but kind of nice to attend a wedding there. That and I got to meet bulk of his family in one place without having to go to everyone's home!!! We had a delicious breakfast of Halwa, Poori and channai on arrival. I liked how it was setup outdoors with a live band.

The wedding itself in hall was BORING!!!! No entertainment, nothing!!! Even that would have been fine, but they just dragged it on and on!!!! It started like 2 pm and went on till freaken 8 pm!!!! We had enough! My kids had fallen asleep on the couches! We asked one of the relatives if he can take us to his home so we can sleep!!! He was really sweet about it though. Not sure why the bride's family was so unorganized! They didn't bring the bride out until we were leaving! Jeez. She looked pissed! Khair we got to Bhai's home and relaxed. Babhi was awesome! She ordered food from a nearby Indian restaurant and it was so GOOD!! I never had South Indian food before in Pakistan! That too in an almost village area! As nervous as I was to be around extended in-laws, they were all quite friendly. (Minus the few people at the hall who stared at me BLAH).

And my luck, next morning, my daughter started throwing up...jeez. Luckily she cooperated in having tea (Qawa) and other stuff and felt better by evening. Next day the walima was also quite boring. I actually fell asleep!! Maybethe jetlag but it was a deep sleep. Hah! My BIL decided to leave early and we headed back to Pindi. It was a relief to see my Jhait and Babhi as they also have kids so great for my kids to play with their cousins. In evening, I had my 1st taste of McDonalds in Jinnah something. Interesting how kinda fancy it was.....

To be cont.......

PS. Sorry for long blogs, just for my recollection