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    In today’s world, where technology is increasing day by day and Science has discovered almost everything but still there is something left unknown. People call it magic
    Sep 7th, 2013, 03:49 PM
  • Human behavior - why we hate a sale
    The trend is your friend, say the analysts. Don't fight the trend is a variation of this oft-used advice, if you can call it that. Ride your winners and sell your losers, shout the guests on CNBC. Put a stop loss order - so you can sell when the stock goes DOWN 10-20% from your purchase price is also a familiar refrain. And what exactly is their track record? Anyone's guess. Since their record is hardly discussed. The agenda is always geared toward moving on to the next prediction. The pundits who recommend buying stocks that have already gone up and vice versa are respected. And those who pore through the financi...
    Jul 28th, 2013, 12:26 AM
  • Wannabe's But Never-will Be's
    feriha jazeb
    Wannabe's But Never-will Be's Life is full of endless twists & twirls but how you whether through them defines who you really are(Besides gymnastics clipart). Enough has already been penned and reported on the issue, but we just don’t seem to come out of this eloquence.It seems baffling at first, the substance that GENERALLY, we trend to think that dwelling in another domicile, being international, is appealing all the time, but yes,Ethics cannot be confined to an entire race, culture or civiliza...
    Jul 24th, 2013, 05:46 PM
  • High level determination of relative valuation of stocks vs. bonds
    Now that we have covered the importance of asset allocation, it is time to get a handle on how expensive (or not) the stock market is. This can be done on an absolute level or as compared to the bond market. The bond I prefer for this comparison is the 10- year US Treasury. Of course, this benchmark should only be used for the US stock market. Other markets should probably use the respective countries' 10-yr bonds. This article will address the relative valuation of the US market wrt the 10-yr Treasury. The market's price to earnings ratio (P/E) can be computed by...
    Feb 2nd, 2013, 12:32 AM
  • Investment 001
    Should women have financial independence? This was the topic in a recent thread. But what exactly is financial independence? It is not just about earnings power. It is also about knowing how to manage money. We recently went on a business trip which required 5 hours' driving each way. A colleague was unfortunate to bring up stocks. Little did she realize that the next 30 minutes would be more boring than a Misbah ul Haq inning. But the captive audience had nowhere to run. They were trapped. Some of the questions posed were: what is the criterion to pick stocks? Do you watch the prices daily? How do you know when to sell? Which sectors do you b...
    Jan 27th, 2013, 07:11 PM
  • The Fast Food Generation Sans Fundamentals
    During my recent Indian trip, on the first day, I went to Navi Mumbai. Some youngsters around 17-18 years of age were practicing cricket. What was the first shot attempted?A sweep. The second shot?A reverse sweep! Now, these kids were kind of well heeled. So a few days later, I was watching some poor kids play cricket (and serving as second wicket keeper when the ball would beat the batsman and keeper and reach the street). What were the main shots attempted?You guessed it. Something was wrong here. The fundamentals were thrown to the wind. Instant gratification was...
    Jan 18th, 2013, 01:06 AM