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      So hubby has a work trip to London in a few weeks and wants me to come with him, as I've never been there. We are planning a 10 day trip (arrive Friday, stay the entire week, and leave the next Monday). We will have two weekends free to roam around and explore further outside of London (Grosvenor Square/SOHO area where we are staying).

      What are must have items to pack? (I'm coming from SoCal )

      What are some must see places?

      What is the best transportation method in the UK?

      What are some good halal/zabihah restaurants?

      I've heard there is a train/rail that takes a few hours to go to Paris. Has anyone taken it? Is it relatively simple to do and affordable? Will there be any issues going to Paris and returning to London, as we hold US passports?

      If we do decide to take the train to Paris, can this be a day trip or will we need to find a place to spend the night? Any recommendations? Also, must see/do in Paris and places to eat? I know Eiffel Tower is a must .

      Any items I should purchase from UK/Paris that are cheaper or not available in the USA? I've gotten request for chocolates and tea already.

      Any other tips/advice are welcome.

      Thanking you in advance!!

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      no tips? come on...i'm sure there is plenty of UK'ers on this forum

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      Yea actually we have deficiency of UKers these days..
      @ehsan @Chicken Biryani
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      Must pack items: Make sure you have some good walking shoes, you never know when it will rain so I would also suggest a umbrella.

      Must see places: The list is endless, I still haven't seen everything on my list and by the time you have new things have cropped or the place has evolved. It's a very dynamic place, some of my friends say New York has the same vibe. Tourists usually end up at Buckingham Palace, Westminster, London Eye, Oxford Street, Museums in South Kensington. There is something for every one, make sure to do your homework for what interests you.

      Transportation: In London the underground is really the only option. I have never felt the need to get on a bus so far, expect to walk lots too. Outside London UK has a good rail network although it can be expensive unless booked well in advance online. Uber is a good option if wanting a taxi, black cabs of course but this can be very expensive compared to the underground.

      Halal restaurants: Of all the places I have lived/traveled London has amazing choices. You will find cuisines from around the world, many being halal. If you are looking for fine dining some of the prestigious hotels offer halal options if requested in advance, think middle east clientele flying in and wanting the best. There are many halal Pakistani/Bengali/Turkish restaurants. I guess everyone will have their favorite, but for me if wanting something Pakistani try Tayyabs in East London (Aldgate East or Whitechapel). The lamb (really mutton) chops are delicious, in authentic Pakistani style charred and overcooked with big flavor. Rest of the menu is very good too. Its very busy, expect to wait if you dont book and its maybe too cozy for some, good value for London. My other favorites include Ben's cookies, Kati Roll, Franco Manca, Efees, Hummingbird, Brick Lane market (Sundays). Food wise you wont be disappointed, there are pizza places as good as in Italy or kebabs as good as you can find in Istanbul.

      Paris/Eurostar: You can get on a train at St Pancreas and hop over the continent. Services to Brussels, Paris and from there to anywhere else in Europe. I would advise against a single day, you really need a full weekend. Perhaps travel out Friday night and back on Sunday evening.

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      yes Risc has explained very well indeed . Underground ( get an Oyster card ) . Weather is extremely unpredictable and if you are coming from a hot weather then you need to make sure you have appropriate clothes at hand . Rain around the year is our special gift to all the tourists .

      I will give you an idea to make it easy for you. Specially if you have kids along. On google type in your post code of location you are residing at "tourism near me" It should pull up ample places for you to visit . Divide your places and also have a map of the underground handy . you can then plan your stops accordingly . It will make life so much more easier.

      Paris is definitely a weekend trip. At least two days are required for that trip plus travel time . It costs roughly £30 to £35 per person on Euro star , I think .

      If you want to do some closely cities , Oxford , city of Bath are good options . Just hop on one of the National Express coaches and it will take you straight into the city center of the city you choose . Then you can walk around whole day and get back on the coach to return to your hotel .

      Some indoor activities you can do are : Madame Tussauds , Kidzania , sea life Aquarium , Harrods , westfield shopping center etc ..
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      Quote Originally Posted by nabz View Post
      no tips? come on...i'm sure there is plenty of UK'ers on this forum
      here is important tip for when you return...........if you are a Muslim US Customs will most likely question you:

      We don't see things as they are; we see things as we are!

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