So any one watching is coming to an end now. I have been following it since episode one and the auditions too. But what rubbish is was semi finale on 1st august and while aroosa and aleezay were performing that scorpion dare...the dare was about to end in 10 seconds...all of a sudden screen changed and waqar said we are ending this show here...coz ppl think there has been politics in this show, some unfairness and now public will vote for all 15 contestants and out of these 15, 6 contestants who receive the most vote will go in seriously unfairness, favouritism ki baat ab yaad be it looks like an attempt to save aroosa....coz in this scorpian dare aroosa was screaming and all while aleezay was all calm....and waqar ended the dare in last 6 seconds....aleezay was a clear winner..sohail ki bhi mehnat gayi jo us ne baraf-bichoo wali dare main ki thi...i just really hope aroosa doesnot win or goes ahead she does not deserve it.