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I’m not talking about exploiting anyone. I’m just saying that different people have different lifestyles and it is their right. In a formal rishta process both sides do declare their preferences. Sometimes there is a match, sometimes there isn’t. Those who frown upon something, that is their right, and they are also entitled to have their views. For example, some people may think goalkeeper is lesser than striker in a team, they can hold that view. I think both play their own roles as decided at the time of team selection and can step in for one another as need arises. Everyone can live their life the way they deem fit as long as the involved parties have agreed to it in advance. I’m not exactly some social justice warrior and not interested in debates that have been going on since forever and will continue forever.
You asked about divorce in today's society. How to identify the signs in a woman if she the type to end a marriage. People can get married with this mindset but they will not stay married. Why? Because your approach does not take into consideration the WHY's of anyone filing for divorce. Yes, they matter. It frees your friend from any responsibility he has of making his marriage work and therefore putting the entire burden on the woman. Yeah, this will ultimately lead to a breakup.

I understand your concerns with this specific rishta but if you are looking for someone who will not ask for a divorce, its best not to focus on women in America. Reason being, even the most uneducated women here have access to legal help and can easily file for divorce. I didn't even need to hire a lawyer for mine and I am not in the legal field.

Scenario: educated, working girl, holding a professional job with potential, earning about 65K living in Chicago (my hometown for example), near family, raised in US and has friends she grew up with. Marries a guy who then asks her to pull back from her parents, focus on his parents, stop her career, cook, do all of the housework and then is constantly searching for clues in her actions so he can say AHA! I knew you'd ask for divorce!

See, that isn't going to work. Why? Because it doesn't have to. This girl can stay with her parents for a bit, get her job back, move out, rent an apartment, start socializing again and eventually get married again. Same will happen for the guy. No one dies from getting divorced. But it could have been avoided if dude kept his ego in check and made his parents chai now and then.

Your friend needs to talk more with this girl one on one.