You mean a lot to me.
And this world to me.
Never thought that I'm going to love you so much
Even more then anyone.
Even the harshness of anyone can never stop me, when it comes to you my love.
Because I have always loved you very much
And so I can tolerate anything for you.
I would never want that you face or go through any of the problems.
That I went through.
If you are with me I have no worry, to go through the way of my life.
Because you can make a difference in my life.
My love for you will never decrease but it will increase more and more.
Because I don't know what quality you have in yourself
That pulls me closer and closer to you.
And that's what I always wanted
Because that's how I feel you more and more.
And my love for you grows more.
I Love You, I Love you very much.

note: came across some true feelings for somebody, somewhere, by someone - all of it may be wrong for all i can surmise with little that i know.