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      Share your favorite chicken biryani recipe
      Shahe mardan, shere yazdan, quwate parvardigar Ali la fata illa Ali, la Saif illa Zulfiqar

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      I love shaan bombay biryani mix and always make it using that.

      For anyone here who loves the biryani from Karachi Kitchen in Mississauga, my friend worked there and I have the recipe for it.

      Heat some oil in a pateela, add chicken to it and fry it a bit. Blend a few tomatoes in a blender. Once the chicken is a little cooked, add that tomato puree, along with namak, mirch, haldi n all the other masalas, citric acid powder, biryani essence, garlic/ginger paste and mix it all up. In a separate pateela boil rice. Use one of those portable hand colander thingi and take some rice out of the water when it's 50% cooked and use it to make a layer on top of your masala. Then when the rice is 75% cooked use the colander to take some more out for a second layer, and when it's 90% cooked take the rest out n make the last layer. In a small bowl add a bit of milk with oil in it and mix it up, and then jharkao it on the biryani and then cover it and let it cook on high flame for 10 mins and then lower the flame and let it sit on dum.

      I hope I am not forgetting anything. If someone is really interested in precise masalas/quantities let me know and I'll ask my friend for it.

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      wow that sounds amazing! okay, im interested in precise ingredient quantities and all! thanks for sharing, spoko!
      Shahe mardan, shere yazdan, quwate parvardigar Ali la fata illa Ali, la Saif illa Zulfiqar

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      Rice 3.5 cups
      Chicken apprx 2 lbs
      Shan Biryani Masala (Plain - not sindhi or bombay)
      Garam Masala 1/2 tsp
      Onions 3
      Yogurt apprx 1 cup
      Tomatoes 4
      Garlic paste 2 tsp
      Ginger paste 2 tsp
      Green chillies 2
      fresh coriander 1 cup
      Red chili powder 2 tsp
      Black cumin 1/2 tsp
      Black cardamon 5
      Cloves 4
      Cinnamon stick 1
      Black pepper 4
      Bay leaves 4
      Lemon Juice 2 tbsp
      Salt to taste
      Oil 1 cup
      Yellow food color 2 pinches
      Biryani essence 1 teaspoon
      Zafran essence 4-5 drops
      Milk 2 tbsp

      Chicken Masala:
      -Add chicken to 1 cup of oil and fry until its all white
      -Add ginger and garlic paste
      -Puree 4 tomatoes and add the tomato puree once all chicken is white. Mix and let it boil on high stirring every minute.
      -Add yogurt and stir immediately. (Yes the masala will seem too watery, dont worry boiling will evaporate it.)
      -Add red chili powder and garam masala, black cardamons, black cumin, stick cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, salt, and bay leaves and 3-4 tablespoon Shan Biryani masala and 1 teaspoon biryani essence and 2-3 drops zafran essence and lemon juice.
      -Mix and let boil on high or med-high for about 15 mins stirring occasionally.
      -Once the oil and masala separate you can set aside or you may continue to let it boil til the gravy comes to a desired level. I kept mine just at the chickens level. NOT over the chicken.

      -In the meantime i boiled water for rice and added 2 bay leaves and 1/2 stick cinnamon to the water.
      -Add rice and let boil for about 5 mins on high.
      -Remove and drain.
      -I let rice sit under the fan for about 10 mins to let out its steam so wont get gooey or soggy once layered and mixed. (I shake them around at 5 mins so they can let out more steam then stand for another 5).

      -While the water is coming to boil, its time to fry onions.
      -Thinly slice the 3 onions.
      -Add 1/4 cup oil and add onions.
      -Fry til golden brown.
      -Remove and place on absorbent paper towel.

      -2 tbsp Milk
      -1 tbsp oil
      -TINY pinch of orange food color
      -1 drop Zafran essence
      -Little less than half teaspoon of biryani essence.
      -Mix well!

      -Add layer of rice (not too thin not too thick i'd say 2 inches)
      -Add half of the chicken along with a little more than half of its masala.
      -Add half of the fried onions
      -Add fresh cut coriander leaves (half of what you cut)
      -Cut 1 green chilies in whole circles and (so dont slice it down the middle) and spread evenly
      -Add half of the Milk/Oil mixture in circular motion with teaspoon
      -Squeeze half of a lemon over all of this
      -Sprinkle food coloring (1/2 teaspoon for me was more than enough for each layer)

      REPEAT for a complete 2nd layer! (But be sure to leave just a tad bit of rice for the top final layer)
      Top off the second layer with the extra rice and sprinkle food coloring

      Place onto stove for steam/dum.
      Let it stand on High heat for about 15 mins.
      Then lower heat to low for another 20 mins.
      When you are ready to serve, be sure to mix it up! (Hint: ALWAYS mix rice from edge to inward. Dont dip your spoon right into the center, you will end up breaking/mashing the rice and chicken.)

      Voila! Enjoy!

      This is exactly how I made mine. I tried uploading pics but its not letting me!! I will try again shortly. I took pics to show the layering process.
      Shahe mardan, shere yazdan, quwate parvardigar Ali la fata illa Ali, la Saif illa Zulfiqar

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