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      Pakistani Dragon


      Motorway police will soon run driving schools, says minister

      ISLAMABAD: The government will establish driving schools that will be run by National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP), said Federal Communications Minister Shamim Siddique on Thursday.

      Addressing the concluding ceremony of a training course for officers of the Islamabad Model Traffic Police (ITP) organised by the NHMP at the NHMP Lines Headquarter, he said that the new driving schools would provide education and training to people which would help decrease the number of traffic accidents in the country.

      Appreciating the performance of NHMP, he said the government had decided to depute motorway police at Indus and Makran coastal highways. “We have decided to hand over the national highways network to the NHMP due to their excellent performance,” he said, adding that the highways network was playing an important role in the development of the country....

      Meanwhile, Punjab Police will soon depute motorcycle squads in five big cities of the province, including Rawalpindi, to control the crime rate, police sources said on Thursday. Sources said that the motorcycle squads would be given the necessary training and equipped with latest weapons, bullet-proof jackets and helmets. “The primary responsibility of the squads will be to check street crimes and make citizens of the country feel safe and secure,” sources said....

      Daily Times

      I haven't been to Pakistan for 15 years but i've heard that the Motorway Police in Pakistan is the most strict and the best. Basically they don't care who you are, regardless of your position, they'll pull anyone over for breaking the law.

      True or false!

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      ^^^ Its true, this is entirely new force created in last 3-4 years and they are keen to develop it on professional lines. they have 8 hours shift, almost double or more salaries compared to normal police, and they are very well equiped with brand new Cars per two officers, some motor bikes, and also have mobile speed check equipment, also have high speen land cruisers for patrolling.
      and they are well trained and well selected graduates.

      all these efforts paid off and we have entirely different police on motorways and highways setting an example.

      I believe if same set of perks are given to other police, they would also improve. at present they are suppose to work 24/7 without any shift work on $hit pay. hence they become over work if sincere or just slackers if they are not. and penny salary make them take bribes. training is nothing more than physical drills without much attention to real policing.

      I dont think police should run driving schools. Government should regulate driving schools and instructers so in result they teach people correctly. it shouldnt be police job to run driving schools.

      if motorway police is working well that doesnt mean fill them up with other non related jobs.

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