PIA has provided On Line booking facility and with it reservation of seat of one’s own choice. This is in line with international practice and thus PIA is amongst those few airlines of the world who have this facility. PIA had been once one of the best airlines of the world and even Europeans preferred to opt it. I had a very old friend whom I got acquaintance during my service abroad. He was as he told me the first pilot who joined the experiment of fueling the jet while on the air and he was also a Pilot of Orient Airway which later turned into PIA. He used to come to my office on official business and usually talked about Pakistan, its airline and praised PIA very much. PIA still is a very good airline as our as Pakistani families traveling alone are concerned but it needs improvement in its declining service. Its worst aspect is reservation.

However, on web site seat reservation it has blocked the front and jump seats which are given only to dear ones by booking staff. When a facility has been created PIA should remove this obstacle and people should first come first basis have the option even to reserve their front including jump seats..