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I thought Mr. NYC was going to get the hint and no longer message or call me but yesterday he texted me and called me again. I think I am going to text him after work and let him know my decision and why I decided not to continue with him. I think its the only way he is going to stop communicating with me. What if he wants to be friends? I doubt it as I dont think he does the friend thing with girls he was once interested in, atleast thats the impression I got from him. Either way, I need to confront him and stop hoping he will get the hint.

I've started my diet again today. Let's see how it goes. Gahhh.

As for Mr. Two Wives. He will be someone for me to consider for the next coming months. I'm not saying no right now.
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  1. FreshBakedPi's Avatar
    Good luck on the diet and yes to being crystal clear with Mr. NYC! Does the other guy live in the West? I'm just wondering how he plans on getting around those pesky bigamy laws #youcouldntpaymeenough
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  2. Illuminate's Avatar
    Damn it, why does it work that way when you are waiting and waiting and waiting for them they don't show but the moment you decide to move on they come back and WON'T leave.


    Good luck with everything Munni!
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