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So I had a talk with the Persian guy and he told me that he isnt looking to rush into marriage right now. He said that he just started his business and he wants to be making money before he decides to tie the knot. He has some immigration issues too and said that he wants to file himself, and not have to have his wife file for him so he wants to wait till he files as well. I dont get it. He still wants to meet however, eventhough I told him that I'm not waiting a year to know someone then deciding to tie the knot. To me I have waited a long time to get married in the first place. Bhaya's courtship was about 6 months before the mangni and to me that is a more realistic timeline for me. He said lets just meet first and then take things from there. Afterall there is still plenty for him to find out about me and vice versa. Dealbreakers havent even crept into the conversation yet. I dont know what to think now because of his timeline. That and the distance thing. I am pretty sure he wants his wife to move to where he lives, which I absolutely do not want to do. I will have to discuss all this when we meet next week insha'Allah. I told him that if things dont workout we can be friends and he said he cannot be friends with me because he finds me attractive. *smack*

I have nothing setup for this weekend though I can meet someone but I am going to be so tired due to working all weekend there is no point. I wont even be able to be myself because I will be thinking of sleep the entire time. I think its for the best because I am meeting the Persian next weekend and he is the main one I wanna meet right now.

He called me just when I got home from work and told me that he is going to the dentist and will call me when he is back home. One thing I like about him is that he seems quite considerate.

He told me the story with his last ex that he dated for a long time...he said...
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  1. third string's Avatar
    Don't force it and how can you consider marrying someone when you haven't been exclusively dating.
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  2. third string's Avatar
    And being friends with somebody you dated or liked isn't really a good idea, he's a smart guy.
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  3. Munni's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by third string
    Don't force it and how can you consider marrying someone when you haven't been exclusively dating.
    THe question is whether to consider dating someone with these issues in mind. Whereas others may not have any of these issues.
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