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Food and Boys

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Here's the thing. I've been talking to several guys recently but I have not met anyone since the last guy I posted about. For one I have been quite busy, and then recently I wasnt feeling that well so I decided not to meet anyone. I've had a few that I was initially speaking with but later some of them either stopped speaking to me or we simply stopped communicating altogether. Now I have four I am talking to but really only two of them look like real potentials so far. This is apart from the Afghan guy. I am still talking to him and the thing with him is, he is still TERRIBLE about texting. He has however made calls on his own so thats a definite improvement. I'm not sure whats going to happen with him but I still intend on meeting him later this month insha'Allah. He's keeping it really cool and very much on a friendly level so I am not sure how serious he is about this. Time will tell. Meanwhile talking to the others.

I am talking to this new Afghan guy, he is pushtoon on both sides unlike the other one and he is very friendly. Has his own business and is fun to talk to. Then there's another guy, he is mixed and I forget what two mixes he is. He is the gentleman type but doesnt talk a lot. Keeps it clean but again, doesnt talk enough IMO. I like guys that talk a lot so there's that. Again, I'd have to meet him to see if hes different in person because anyone who has read my blog knows that it can be a totally different experience in-person.

Started my diet again this week, of course I messed it up the other week so here I am at it again. Hopefully it sticks this time. So tired of the yo-yo dieting. Not to mention how it isnt good for the health. I have lost weight so its cool but its only been 3 days. The best thing is that I am cooking regularly now. No eating out. Yay! Alhumdulillah.

On the job front its just been crazy. I havent found what I am seeking. Had a really crazy interview but I dont want to write about it. Not right for a family forum.

Meeting someone next week. Going for coffee/juice at a cafe.
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