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I Quit

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by , Aug 7th, 2017 at 12:22 PM (1155 Views)
I took the job that I mentioned in my last post. It was full-time and in an office environment. My boss. Oh my goodness. That man. He was fine with me in how he spoke but the way he talked to another employee was just. Let's just say I would have quit the first day if I were that employee. I think he is going to quit after his next paycheck. I lasted three days there and then I quit. He complained to me that he's not sure he is going to keep me. Stating that I dont seem to take initiative on the job. That I am only doing what I am told. I was building an inventory list, which takes a lot of time. I guess he didnt like my pace, who knows. I found his statement to be unfounded and I felt very uncomfortable in how he spoke to the other employee because if he spoke to me like that I will be out the next minute. I was dreading going to work everyday, thinking what if he talks to me like that. Not a healthy environment to be in so I left.

So I got a job offer of very part-time by a desi guy. The pay is good but the hours are few. I'm going to try it out and see where it goes. I have an inkling of why he hired me and I want to see if I am right about it. I have to find another full-time job now or I need to think about doing part-time if I stay with this one with the desi guy.

In other news, I got a workout buddy. Not really, he is simply going to be at the gym at the same time I am on the weekend. My coworker offered. He plays college football, is 6 feet 4 and 260 lbs. Huge guy. It will be motivation for me to have someone there even if we arent doing the same thing. I told him about my social media plan and he said I should start it today. So not going to do that but I am seriously thinking about doing it now.

Will see what happens. So many things are iffy right now. I need to start meeting potentials again. This week, Insha'Allah.
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  1. LP's Avatar
    A healthy work environment is vital for your well being.
    What inkling?
    I can't even imagine meeting so many potentials. Would be simpler if you could find one among the people you know already.
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  2. NaanGuard's Avatar
    oh wow...what a toxic work environment!!!...who says that! "I'm not sure if I want to keep you or not"!!!!..It's good that you quit on your own accord. Some people arent so lucky...They are so much in debt that they can't leave a job until they found a new one. I always advise people on the importance of "**** YOU" money as I like to call it. If an employer tries to screw you over in any way, you have enough money saved up where you can tell them to "**** off..." pardon my can be nicer to not burn any bridges...but the point is not to be so reliant on where you have to work at place to make ends meat.

    I'm guessing the inkling is potential sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen? FYI you can work out at home too...Focus T-25 is a good home cardio work out in case you don't go to the gym.
    Good luck with those potentials.
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  3. Munni's Avatar
    The inkling is not about harrassment, I will mention what I think it is if I turn out to be right, which I think I am.

    It's funny because I dont feel I meet a lot of potentials because I am pretty selective in whom I respond to and agree to meet. I feel maybe I should consider meeting more than I currently do and maybe stop being as selective. Ugh, I dont know what to do.

    As for my former boss, he told me he is quite blunt so although I didnt like hearing what he said after just 3 days of working for him, maybe he simply requires someone who works faster than I do. I am currently working so I do have a part-time job, which is why I was able to leave immediately.
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  4. LP's Avatar
    Or maybe he needs(not wants) an employee who is as blunt as he is.
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