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Two in One Day

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by , Jun 16th, 2017 at 08:01 AM (2268 Views)
I had scheduled with a different Turkish guy to meet him on the weekend. It turned out that I was too busy to do it then so I scheduled for Monday around lunch time instead. He was heading out of the city for business so I'd have to meet him then or have to wait a few weeks. I was not that excited to meet him because everything was so rushed and he did not even send me a photo. I had barely spoken to him before meeting him. Before we met he had told me that he used to date very beautiful Ukranian girls when he lived in the Ukraine but now he wasnt as into looks and preferred loyalty. We met at McDonalds parking lot then went to a Peruvian restaurant where he ate and I sat and watched him eat. He didnt want to eat infront of me but I insisted I did not mind, and told him he needs to eat because he is about to travel. He was pleasant enough but I did not feel any connection at all. After the lunch he said he'd like to meet me again upon his return. I didnt really confirm anything and left. I then texted another guy I had been talking to because I thought he was in the next city (it turned out he was an hour away).

He was Persian, gave a lot of advice to me which I liked, and was generally polite. He was not my type physically but I did like his personality so I wanted to meet him. He owned a business which kept him quite busy so I asked him if he can meet me for a little bit. I drove an hour just to get to the city he was working in. He came to pick me up and drove me to the beach. As soon as I met him I felt chemistry. This is why I say that appearance and chemistry are two different things. We walked along the beach and talked and then we sat down and were speaking for awhile. I asked him if he is going to return to work and he said no he will not and can spend time with me. I noticed that he was the same as he was on the phone, giving advice on what I can do to improve myself. At one point he said, maybe you arent meeting the type of guys you want to meet because of your weight. He didnt say it in those words but I felt thats what he meant if I recall correctly. At another point in the conversation he actually recommended a different dating site to me. I asked him flat out if hes trying to tell me I should date other guys and he insisted that he is not but that if I wanted to try something else, I can try that site. I said, what if I like someone already? He said, then stick to him. Hmm. I didnt know what to make of it. I told him I had to leave due to something I had to tend to so I had to cut the time short with him. I told him we can meet the following weekend and he said that will be fine. When I was leaving he wanted to give me a kiss. *smack*

Over the next few days I noticed something. It was me doing almost all the contacting. He'd send a photo if I asked and would respond to most of my texts but wouldnt really initiate any. He said work was keeping him very busy. He also didnt ask me for any photos like he was doing before we met. When it came to calling, he said he wasnt a phone person and didnt like to talk on the phone from home cause his family can hear him basically. I checked the timings of our two long phone calls we had on the weekend and they were really late at night so perhaps he was simply being honest. However, that left very little time for communication until we schedule to meet. I'd complain to him one day that we barely talk and he said that we can talk daily for a bit. The next day I tried calling him after his work hours and he didnt pickup as usual. This time I didnt like the response so I texted him that I feel he doesnt like me that much since he puts no effort into communicating with me. I had previously called my sibling to ask him what he thinks of a guy that doesnt initiate contact or says hes too busy to talk. Bhaya being a doctor said listen, as a doctor I have a very busy schedule but if I liked someone I will make time for them, even if it means getting less sleep. I found this to be true, I have liked other guys that had extremely busy schedules but they still made time to talk to me. I felt something is very wrong here. Previously he'd talk to me late at night and now not at all except a few minutes. After my text to him he never replied to me. That was it for him I guess. Either he felt I am too clingy or demanding of his time or he simply wasnt that into me. I think my weight had something to do with it. He was Mr. Fit, wanting to maintain 10% body fat and then there was me, huge next to him. Not that huge but yeh. I dont think it was only the weight however, I told him about some other issues I was having and I dont think he was thrilled with that. I feel sad because I did like him. I felt chemistry and I had felt he cared when we were talking. I dont get why he disappeared without saying a word but I guess I am not surprised at that.

Back to square one...I am meeting someone next week.
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