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The Turkish Guy

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by , Jun 13th, 2017 at 07:18 AM (2466 Views)
My girlfriend and I decided to meet the turkish guy at the mall. I drove about an hour to get there with her and he met us outside one of the department stores. I was wearing my heels and was towering over him due to it, as he was two inches taller than me but my heels were 4 inches in height. Maybe I should have worn flats. I was taller than him in heels and I simply looked a lot bigger than him because for one I am overweight and he was skinny. He looked similar to his photos. Not at all a bad looking guy, he was decent looking. We decided to walk around one of the department stores and my girlfriend decided to go on her own there.

As we were walking around I noticed that he wasnt saying much. This would again be a case of Munni does a lot of the talking. *smack* I felt awkward because he really wasnt saying a lot and I was wondering why. I kept asking him questions so that made it less awkward. He complimented me so that was nice of him. Mash'Allah. My girlfriend then joined us again and when I was walking with her she made this face and pretty much I could tell she was bored. She then told me she is bored and said that she wouldnt go for a guy like him. Later on she'd tell me that if he bulked up he'd be a lot more presentable/appealing since he wasnt bad looking (she said this before knowing my opinion of him - on her own accord). Hmm. She also told me she never wants to do this again, going out with me to meet a guy and a second guy isnt there. I did not want to it this time either but since he lived close I was willing. I realized that almost every time we have done this, she ends up bored. The only time she didnt is the one time the guy was very talkative and spent a lot of time talking to her as well and buying her drinks. This guy barely spoke to her.

We ended up going to a different location and my girlfriend told me when we were alone for a minute that the guy told her that he could tell I was not having a nice time. It wasnt even that. I felt no chemistry, this is true but I was trying to enjoy the day out. However, due to how my girlfriend was being I decided to cut things short because I felt he is not talking much, and it could be because my girlfriend was there, and she was complaining of boredom. I had infact offered to meet him by myself the following week but he didnt want to wait. We were supposed to all eat dinner together at iftar time. My girlfriend didnt eat all day due to waiting for us so she wasnt too thrilled when I cut the day short.

When I got home the guy messaged me that he really liked me and wants to see me everyday, etc. I didnt want to waste his time so I told him straight up that I did not feel that he is what I am seeking. He asked me specifically what the reason was and I did provide him two or three different reasons. I wouldnt normally volunteer such information but since he asked I felt I should be honest. He told me he was sad after that and that he is thinking of leaving dating sites altogether. I felt bad but I think its best I was honest.

In other news, Mr Harvard messaged me asking if we are in a relationship again. This time I decided to answer him. I told him we have only been out twice and no we are not. He said he didnt need an explanation and a yes or no would have sufficed. *sigh* He then called me and we argued about the job interview I had been to previously. I dont know why he even brought that up as that was past and we had already discussed it. He then told me he'd like to see who my friends are that I am talking to on my social media account. Umm, I dont think so, way too soon for that. He asked me again how many guys I talk to/text with on my phone. I told him but I was getting the feeling he is too possessive too early-on. I spoke to some friends again about what I should do since I simply wasnt feeling it at all with him, and they said dont waste his time by meeting up and then leaving after saying you arent interested. Let him know via phone. I think that is best. I am not interested. He doesnt really message me so if he does again I will let him know.

The following week I'd meet two guys in one day...
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  1. SID_NY's Avatar
    The turkish guy, the harvard guy and then:
    The following week I'd meet two guys in one day.
    Munni, so much I learn from your blogs.

    You are a true hero of all dating apps/sites, rishta aunties etc. Keep up the good work.
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  2. Munni's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NaanGuard're savage, what if the guy was really shy?
    You know...I always wondered that, like you look at a guy for being skinny and not being bulked up, that one guy that saw you and was turned off..was probably looking at you and was thinking you'd be prettier if you were skinnier? There have been some rishta's like that from my end as well. Where the girl was pretty but obviously overweight..and it was such a turn off for me. Sometimes physical appearance matters alot even more so than personality..especially when it comes to these dating apps.

    No I did not have an issue with him being short or skinny, my girlfriend said he should bulk up, not me. That is not the reason I gave him for not wanting to take things further. If I had an issue with his height or weight I wouldnt have met him in the first place. *wink* I had no chemistry with him, that was my main reason. He was an attractive guy so it wasnt about his looks. Chemistry and appearance are completely different things to me.

    Regarding his shyness, I knew he wasnt a shy person in general because I had spoken to him at-length before meeting him and he wasnt shy then. I knew he may have been shy with her, but you have to remember that we walked around the store by ourselves, without my girlfriend, and he still didnt say much at all. He admitted later he doesnt talk a lot. Some people can talk a lot online or over the phone but in person it may be different, thats why its important to meet before making any serious decisions I feel.
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  3. Munni's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SID_NY
    The turkish guy, the harvard guy and then:

    Munni, so much I learn from your blogs.

    You are a true hero of all dating apps/sites, rishta aunties etc. Keep up the good work.
    *giggle* I will explain in my next entry. *grin*

    Thank you Illuminate! I appreciate it. *smile*
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