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The Surgeon

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by , May 18th, 2017 at 10:54 PM (1892 Views)
This weekend I am supposed to be meeting someone that I was initially excited to meet. The thing is, he asked for my number and since I have given it to him, he barely contacts me. He basically asks how I am doing and thats about it. I dont get it. My girlfriend isnt thrilled about him because he asked me to drive all the way to his work this weekend to meet him. He works an hour or so away. Did not even mention meeting half-way. Sure he works in a happening area for a weekend evening but anyway. I agreed so I shall do it. Since then I have been asking him to give me a call on the phone because I am really concerned that this may be a case of "Munni does all the talking". He has yet to call me. If he doesnt call me before the time I am expected to drive to meet him, I am not going. There needs to be some rapport on the phone first for me. He is Pakistani, tall, fit, and polite. That is what I like about him.

So the other day this Persian guy contacts me. He is a neurosurgeon and tells me his actual IQ, and proceeds to tell me that it is higher than most people in the county he lives in. *smack* How will he even know such a thing unless everyone got tested there? *smack* For some reason I decided to confirm with him if he is infact muslim as in practices the faith. He tells me that he has recently decided not to follow any particular religion. I then write to him that if that is the case then I cannot proceed in getting to know him as I desire to be with a muslim. Then he writes me back and tells me that he IS muslim, that he was raised by muslim parnts, that his relatves wear hijab, etc. You just said that you dont follow any religion and then you are saying you are muslim when I tell you I am not interested. I am going to go with your original statement, that you dont follow any particular religion. He then proceeds to tell me he wants a lovely hijabi muslim wife etc. I tell him a few things then stopped messaging him. I dont get it, why change your story?

The guy I met last weekend never contacted me again. I think its best that way.

Then there is this other guy...
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  1. SID_NY's Avatar
    Watch out Munni. You dating that neuro may be something like this where Elaine was dating this doc..

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  2. Munni's Avatar
    I am not going to date him! He wants to be friends. Hmmmmm.
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