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It is over

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by , Apr 20th, 2017 at 06:57 PM (829 Views)
He doesnt have to say it, his actions show it. No more texting, only one call this morning, I get it. I simply messaged him that I understand and left it at that.

Thinking about it, I know its for the best. The fact is that I do not want to move, especially not to where he lives, a state where it snows a lot in winter. I've lived up north and I dont care for it anymore. Him being far while getting to know me wouldnt have been an issue for me but I know its a big issue for him. I think that is what he meant when he said distance is the biggest factor. I dont think he meant it for after marriage, I think he meant it for before marriage, while getting to know him. He has never done long distance whereas I have often done long distance so we are two different people in terms of experience and what we are comfortable with in getting to know people. I dont blame him. I did like him. For sure. There was one thing missing however. Chemistry. No matter how many times I saw him on Skype, I didnt feel any chemistry. I have felt it towards others from a distance so I know it is possible but with him there was none. I told mom about it and she felt there should be some chemistry though it isnt absolutely necessary if I really liked the persons personality. In this case I liked his personality so it trumped all. There were things I didnt particularly care for but overall he was a nice guy to me.

On to the next. I am meeting G tonight, as I had scheduled with him last week.

Crazy, crazy. I am still sad and probably will be for a little while but since I hardly knew him I am sure I will move past this soon, Insha'Allah.
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  1. Munni's Avatar
    hahaha no. I am writing life as it happens. *smile*
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