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The Drama

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by , Apr 19th, 2017 at 10:23 AM (496 Views)
He ended things after we had a discussion about some deal breakers. He said his big issue with me is the distance. He lives in the middle of the country and I live on the coast. He knows I have a business partner and that I like where I live. He has an established firm he works for (he is a lawyer), and a house so he doesnt want to move. He feels that I prefer to stay in my state because if I move it will create issues for my business partner whom will not move to where I am.

I am trying to tell him that I can move, that my business partner wont care where I live as long as I make a trip now and then to his location to deal with business matters. I have not explained this to him, only very briefly so its going to be something I discuss.

He wants to talk. I told him I will not be friends with him due to my feelings for him. He tried to convince me to remain friends after he ended things yesterday but after I expressed how I feel about him I think he understands that I cant do that. Either I am a rishta or no contact.

Will see what happens.

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