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It's Happening *blush*

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by , Apr 18th, 2017 at 12:05 AM (623 Views)
I think I have decided on whom I want to get to know further to see where it leads. I did not expect to make such a decision so quickly but I feel that when a guy is showing a lot of qualities about his personality that you like, it may be a good idea to see things through with that person. Rather than continuing to meet several other guys, and this was his point to me. He said why do you have to keep meeting others when we are talking, and he is right. Deep down I have always felt that is the best way, and that is what I am going to tell him this coming weekend insha'Allah. That I am going to focus solely on him to get to know. *blush*

I like him and yet I hardly know him. *blush* He is the one I referred to as "A". I will call him Asad from now on. Asad is not desi so we have different cultural backgrounds. He is arab and speaks Arabic, which is fantastic to me because I have been wanting to learn arabic for years. He is 6 feet tall, which I like and has hazel-green eyes Mash'Allah. Has dimples *swoon*. The best thing about him though is his personality. He is a big guy but if you hear him talk, he sounds quite young. I like that he is playful and jokes around with me in a similar manner to how I joke around. On the other hand he sounds so mature in his writings to me and his questioning about my thoughts on things. Ughhhh, I am starting to really like him.

The excitement is hard to control but its scary at the same time because the outcome can be anything. I have been disappointed so many times before that I am not even expecting anything to happen and I even told him that. Mom knows about him and has said to focus on getting to know him to see where it goes. Yes, mommy! *grin*

It's finally happening, I am considering someone that I truly feel can be a good match for me. Alhumdulillah. Will see how this progresses. Insha'Allah.
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