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His Sister

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by , Mar 20th, 2017 at 10:47 PM (565 Views)
I had agreed to meet him a second time. The one whom I didnt feel a connection with that I saw the movie with the night I went out with my girlfriend. I thought why not, he was a gentleman afterall. No chemistry but atleast he was nice. I asked him if he can meet on Saturday and he said he'd clear his schedule so he can meet. I thought that was nice of him. We met up and had some snacks and talked. This time there were no compliments or anything of the sort. He talked yes, but something seemed to be missing. We saw a movie and while waiting for it to start we got into a conversation about girls that expect guys to pay for everything. I told him that I am not like that (despite him paying both times we met) but I did say that I know it can happen. We spoke about other things and I thought he was into the conversation. After the movie I asked him if he wanted to do something else. He had enjoyed the movie more than he thought he will. He mentioned something about a light meal and said he'd follow my car to the restaurant after getting his car. I thought to myself that I will pay for the meal this time as he had gotten me popcorn and a drink for the movie. It was not to be. I waited and waited in my car for about 10 minutes and thought to myself did he drive off without telling me. How is it possible that it is taking so long for him to bring his car around. I checked my messages and there was nothing so I decided to message him. He replied that his sister had sent him a message after having some sort of argument with her husband. He said he looked for my car before leaving but couldnt find me and left. *hmm* I told him when I got home that I hope things turned out fine. I said I am sorry if he didnt have a nice time. He said it was nothing like that and his sister is fine. I felt he did not have a nice time or that he felt this isnt right. He basically disappeared. I have not heard from him since that day, and before that he was sending me a message everyday. I dont know what it was about that day, the clothing I chose to wear, the things I discussed, how I looked that day, the fact that I was likely giving a friend-only vibe or what, but something told him not to go forward.

I dont feel sad or anything about it, but I wonder what made him change his mind. Do I think its best for him that he chose to do that? I think so because I knew with this meeting that there is nothing there beyond a possible friendship. It's simply perplexing how different he was the second time around. I guses the thing I wonder more is was it something I said or did, what was it that scared him off? I suppose I shouldnt wonder as this is best for the both of us.

I am meeting four people this month. Should be interesting.
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    You got to listen to this . May be call them up too
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    That one about the spy was certainly interesting. I dont really want to think about what happened and have accepted that whatever his reason, it worked out for the best.
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