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Saturday Night

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by , Mar 13th, 2017 at 08:59 PM (756 Views)
We arranged a meeting that will make it four of us. The guy I was supposed to meet, my girlfriend, and another guy that will mostly keep my girlfriend company. Again, it turned out that the guy didnt show up. He warned ahead of time but we decided to keep things as it is since I didnt want to meet him alone.

He showed up an hour and a half late!!! Gahhhhh. He warned at the time we were supposed to meet that he'd be an hour late, then he messaged again that he will be half an hour late. It wasnt terrible because I decided to meet at a popular restaurant and they had yummy juice drinks that I was enjoying while talking to my girlfriend. Had she not been there I would have left much earlier. It's funny because I was in my car at the time charging my phone while she ended up meeting him first.

I liked his choice of shoes. We were all talking at the table and he ordered a drink and said he'd buy drinks for all of us due to his really late arrival. He had this thing of telling jokes, the only problem was that they were not funny. If I said something he'd reply with a joke quite often and it wasnt amusing or funny usually. I felt bad for him because I felt he was trying to make us laugh and it wasnt working. When he excused himself my girlfriend said she was bored and that she doesnt find him funny. *smack* Despite all that he was a nice guy, just what I had anticipated before meeting him.

He said he was up to see a movie and my girlfriend said she'd rather go home as she didnt care for movies so she left and I stayed to watch a movie and give him some personal time to see if anything will change. It did not. We spoke for a bit after the movie and although he is a nice guy, hes not someone I was interested in.

It's interesting that when I met him my girlfriend felt he wasnt into me and that he will not want to do anything after getting drinks. She felt that he knew I was not feeling it. I didnt feel that way about his behavior. Funny how different people read cues differently. At the end of the night he expressed interest in seeing me again. Overall he was complimentary and a gentleman but I did feel he was not really what I was seeking and a bit nervous throughout, as he made a joke about being nervous. I explained my thoughts on what I felt about the meeting before I left. He seemed like someone who was understanding so I did it there instead of waiting till the next day or next time he contacted me. He understood and expressed interest in maintaining a friendship.

I think the next time I will meet someone by myself, see how it goes.
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    I meet people in various ways but they are aware why I am meeting them.
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