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by , Feb 14th, 2017 at 07:55 PM (1825 Views)
It was a Sunday and although he had asked to meet me the prior weekend I told him I couldnt make it because I had other obligations. It was Sunday and I did not have any busy plans so I decided to message him and ask him if hes available that day as he said he will be this past weekend. I was only nervous because I havent met anyone in a pretty long time and now I am just starting to get myself out there. He is Indian, tall, thin, nice eyes. Seemed friendly so I agreed to meet.

He told me to decide where to meet so I told him at the mall which had a theatre as well. We met up there after some confusion as to where I was standing. I immediately felt that he is not talking much and I was wondering if he wants to leave or is shy or something. We sat down for some ice cream and I devoured the entire cup while he barely touched his. At this point I asked him if he is shy. He said no he is not. I was confused because I was doing most of the talking and he wasnt doing that in the messages. Then I thought to myself either he is more the quiet type or he is nervous perhaps. He did compliment me so I wasnt thinking he thinks I am hideous or something and wants to leave due to that. I just didnt like that I was doing most of the talking. After the ice cream and walking around the mall I gave him an out as I was uncertain what he wanted to do. He offered to buy me a cap or anything I wanted (he was looking at the caps) but I declined the nice gesture. I asked him what he wanted to do and if he had to leave early or something. He said no he didnt have to leave and asked what I wanted to do. I gave some options and we decided on a movie. He didnt like the movie. Oops. After the movie I had to leave because it was getting late. I asked him what he thought of things and he said he enjoyed but I couldnt figure it out because he answered in short replies like yes no. It was a bit confusing. I left and the next day he messaged me asking if I want to meet up, that he will pick me up and take me out to wherever I want to go and that he wants to take me out to dinner.

This was surprising considering how quiet he was the day before. What do I think of him? He is too quiet. Yes perhaps it was because its the first time meeting but I get the feeling this is how he normally is.

I dont know if I will meet again, havent decided yet. I felt more of a friend vibe with him.
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  1. Munni's Avatar
    He sent me a message after but he hasnt messaged me since that message. I have not met up with him again.
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