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by , Feb 6th, 2017 at 02:52 AM (1269 Views)
He told me heíd like to get to know me. We have similar backgrounds so I thought why not just speak to him. There was no physical chemistry but I donít let that hold me back always and decided to talk. He told me how difficult he felt it is to make friends here in the United States. He said people are cheap here so he doesnít waste time with them. Said he doesnít know pickup lines and isnít sure hes going to remain on the site (he didnít use a pickup line with me so not sure why he seemed to indicate thatís what he needed to have success with women). Why even talk about other women with me??

I was completely turned off after all of this had been said over the course of a few days. I finally let it out. I told him that he said he doesnít like to be judged yet he is going around judging others. That he comes off as a negative person. That he wants me to drive halfway to meet him (45 min drive approx.) but what girl will want to drive halfway to meet someone who is so negative and judgmental. Then he started getting defensive and asked me not to judge him. I told him that I am only responding to what I have been hearing from him. Then he was being polite and saying he will drive to wherever I want to meet him blah blah.

I lost any and all interest in meeting him. He sent me messages after being polite and stuff but why meet someone in such a scenario? Iím glad he didnít take it so personally that he ignored me completely but at the same time I feel what I said wont really have much of an impact (not that he must change) .

I understand the experience of an immigrant to a new country but why paint all people with the same brush? Why suggest he needed good pickup lines in order for girls to talk to him? Maybe he was exaggerating and didnít mean it but it didnít sound good and it sounded quite cynical. I believe its okay to share more cynical views later perhaps but not when you first start talking to a potential. I most certainly donít want ot hear that initially, and maybe some wont mind but I didnít care for it. It's one thing to be self-depreciating and cynical about yourself but this was not the case.

Perhaps I am being the judgemental one now but ultimately I didnt like the first impression.
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