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A Prayer and an Odd Encounter

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Have you ever found yourself saying a prayer for a complete stranger? A little while ago, all of us siblings had an opening in the schedule at the same time so decided to go explore this isolated small beach town we had never been to. On the way back, we ordered pizza. I stayed in the car while the siblings went inside the shop to pick it up. A few minutes later, an old Cadillac pulls up next to me and a guy somewhere between 30 and 40 yrs old who either was a gangster wanabe or was in an actual gang stepped out. My first intuition was to make sure the car was locked haha but his attention was diverted. Then I see a young girl, probably 18 or 20 come out the other door of the car wearing only a long t shirt and shorts in freezing weather. As they meet together in front of the car, they kiss and she leaned onto him like he was her legs. Just totally infatuated while he lead them to the pizza shop. I found myself praying that God please let him really like her and hoped that he was not just using her.

Another such incident was years ago when sister and I were looking for a restaurant in San Francisco. We got lost in not so good area at night. There were some people passed out from drinking, others talking to themselves, while some were catcalling us. In the midst of all this, an old gentleman starts speaking to us, I keep walking but my sister stops. At first I was so annoyed at her but then I got a better look at him and realized he was lost like us. He was visiting SF with his son and had gone out for shopping but could not find his hotel. He showed his room key with hotel's name on it, sister tries to locate it on the gps but it was no help. The gps was not working so we apologized and started walking in pursuit of the restaurant but then half a block or so later we both started feeling guilty that we didn't help him enough. When we turn around, there is no sign of him! Figured he might have turned around the block but when we got there and looked down the street, there was no one there, now he was carrying shopping bags, no way could he have gone far within a couple of minutes. Idk how but eventually we stumble upon the hotel where he was staying and tell the front desk person about him. He says he has not seen anyone matching that description enter or exit the hotel. Sister asked if he could please send someone to look for him, the guy assured us he will but we quickly realized he was just saying that. I was praying God please let him be safe and to this day I often wonder what happened to him. :/
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  1. Pakistani Prince's Avatar
    Many times....
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  2. third string's Avatar
    Yeah like when I'm watching a game i pray that my team wins.
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  3. aqua70's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by third string
    Yeah like when I'm watching a game i pray that my team wins.
    Lmao third string, you somehow have this profound ability to take any serious subject and make it comical.
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  4. FreshBakedPi's Avatar
    He really does lol... it's uncanny third string!
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  5. Cheegum's Avatar
    I've had a few of these too.
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