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Ever since Ramadan started, I have just been at home. Went to one iftar, the rest I just let my parents go because the iftar dinners are so heavy at these gatherings. For the past couple of days, I was going a bit crazy, I am an outdoors person and although I made sure to get some fresh air by going to the back yard and checking on the veggies that we planted but still it was not enough for my sanity. So today I decided to head out, it was rainy and gloomy but I love driving in this weather so it was nice. Didn't get to go hiking as I wanted but a change of scenery and a little shopping did the trick. On the way back, I decided to get bobba tea before iftar and the route that I had to take took me through the old neighborhood. The very first place we called home when we moved across the globe. So many memories are attached to that place, the struggles that all of us faced the first couple of years here, ran through my mind like a picture book. Time flies... Can you believe it is already almost middle of Ramadan?
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  1. Life01's Avatar
    Ramadan really is passing by fast.
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  2. Bobby1's Avatar
    After all is said and done the only thing we have in life is memories. It has been one of my biggest effort in life to try to create happy memories for my loved ones. I pioneered new traditions and so happy to see that children have so readily adopted the traditions.
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