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On a lighter note, today out of the blue I acquired the curiosity to check friend requests on facebook. From there, I clicked on sent requests expecting nothing to be there because I usually am not the one who sends a request unless it is some long lost friend but to my utmost surprise, I had sent a friend request to some old ass uncle, I panicked and deleted it immediately but wtf? How in the world did that happen!!! At times, when I check fb from my phone... I accidentally click likes for posts but I am pretty fast at removing them too. Although I do forget to log out from my phone kabhi kabhi, maybe a friend saw me logged in on my phone and sent a friend request as a prank? Or maybe I accidentally sent it without realizing ufff and Allah he janey how long ago was this... Uff woh baba bhi kya sochta hoga, what is wrong with this girl lol. Ok, no more logging into fb from my phone, dangerous stuff.
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  1. Cheegum's Avatar
    Old uncle cannot handle itna sadma followed by khushee
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  2. aqua70's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheegum
    Old uncle cannot handle itna sadma followed by khushee
    Can we pretend that you never saw the friend request uncle jee?
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