Battle of Attock The Battle of Attock (also known as the Battle of Chuch or the Battle of Haidru) took place on 13 July 1813 between the Sikh Empire and the Durrani Empire.[3] The battle was the first significant Sikh victory over the Durranis.

Battle of Multan Sikh Victory

The Battle of Multan was a battle between a Vizier of the Durrani Empire and the Sikh Empire that started in March 1818 and ended on 2 June 1818 Sikh Victory

Battle of Shopian Sikh Victory

The Battle of Shopian took place on 3 July 1819 between an expeditionary force from the Sikh Empire and Jabbar Khan, the governor of the Durrani Empire province of Kashmir. It was the decisive battle in the 1819 Kashmir expedition Sikh Victory

Battle of Nowshera Sikh Victory

The Battle of Nowshera was fought in March 1823 between the forces of Pashtun tribesmen with support from Muhammad Azem Khan Barakzai, Durrani governor against the Army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.[2] The battle was a decisive victory for the Sikhs and led to their occupation of the Peshawar valley.[3] Sikh Victory

Battle of Peshawar (1834) Sikh Victory

he Battle of Peshewar took place on May 6, 1834 between the Sikh Empire and the Durrani Empire.[1] Maharaj Ranjit Singh had previously won and lost the city twice and sent General Hari Singh Nalwa to capture it. After brief fighting Hari Singh Nalwa forced Sultan Mohammad Khan to evacuate the city.[2] A large Afghan force under his brother, Dost Mohammad Khan arrived in support of him but withdrew.[2] Hari Singh Nalwa then installed Sultan Mohammad Khan as governor of the city as a vassal to Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Finally Peshawar felt under Sikh rule after 998 years when it was ruled by King Jaipal who was killed by Afghans and territory became a part of Kingdom of Kabul in 1000 Sikh Victory A.D.