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      Zulekha of sufism


      Has anyone ever heard of them?
      Well i read it in a book based on sufism and it was cool. I mean very beautiful story on how Zulekha falls in love with Yusaf.
      She spends all her life to look into his eyes but he never dares....he was a servant of her.
      This happenes when Zulekha was married to a king of Egypt (i could be missing something here??) and even then she thinks of him.
      The story is long and is nowhere near a conventional love story. It is beautifully written and i would say that i really adore it!
      I will give my introduction and plot of the story later now you guys understand that even our prophets and "NAEK BEEBI'S" falled in love at critical times, and alas for sin commiters like us it is a valid example of falling in love, even married womens fall in love but become afraid of expressing it as our society rejects such expressions.So mens out there i will increase your worry by telling you that your "honay waali begum" may have been previously in deep soothing love with some other guy even before she thought of saying "yes" to you out of "majboori", so don't think that the wives you will "collect" will only be in your dreams/ they alike you also have their own independence in atleast thinking/ imagining themselves with their dream lover(which can exist in reality).
      so boys beware
      your wife's are out there!
      Zulekha of Sufism.

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      Dear Naseer
      Thanks for your story and it was wonderful and I really feel sorry for Muqaddir bahi, the girls were very BAD and even though he was not relly her cousin she shouldn't have done that. I didn't know that he lost his GHUSAL so often when he sees a girl, and become touchy.........teach him some manners and he will be safe and tell him to act cool and not chase the butiful ladkian, otherwise who knows next time you may have to rescue him from a GUTTER. Not wrong eh???
      I really liked your way of writing the story and I would regard it as the BEST so far on GUPSHUP, due to I could not stop laughing. The students around me are looking as if I have gone mad!
      By your permission may I show this story to me friends. They will adore it.
      Zulekha of sufism.

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      Zulekha of sufism I think I've heard this brilliant story or 'hakeekat' shall I say. It's what goreh say Joseph did. Remember when he is the youngest of out of many brothers and his father loves him a great deal and buys him a gift, of a coat, or cover blanket or something. But the other brothers get jealous and decide to kill him, but he lives on and they think he is dead. And later on this King takes him on to be his servant, and thats were your bit falls in.

      I think this is what really happened. But you've also got to remember that the revelations came down later on, so at this time they also had alcohol, idol worshippers, etc., but we must learn by what they did wrong. We shall only following our last prophet Muhammed (SAWS) and their guidance and their ways and habits, because they truly had all the evidence they required the beautiful Quran.

      Your comment about wives, why is it that you complain about woman having affairs and it is okay for men to have numerous relationships before they wed??!!

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      Ya Shah Naqshband Imdad Kun!

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      Dear Zuleikha!

      Assalamu alaykum!

      Indeed, the story of Hazrat Yusuf alaihi salaam is a beautiful story. It is also told in the Qur'an in Sura Yusuf. Allah calls it the 'best of narrations.'

      The Qur'anic story does not tell us the name of the lady who fell in love with Hazrat Yusuf alayhi salaam; but from the hadith shareef and the books of the ulama it is known to be Zuleikha. She was the wife of a Egyptian wazir (?)

      She fell in love with Hazrat Yusuf alaihi salaam's beauty. This was the particular miracle of Yusuf alaihisalaam. It is said in a hadith sharif that 9/10 of all beauty was given to Sayyedna Yusuf alaihisalaam! And the rest of creation divided the other 1/10 between them. Subhan Allah!

      In fact it as not possible for people to look at Hazrat Yusuf's face such was the nur and the beauty so aap hamesha parday mein rehte thay.

      Once when Hazrat Yusuf was invited to dinner and unveiled their face, the women of Egypt cut their fingers off and didn't even notice the pain such was Hazrat Yusuf's beauty! This is told in the Qur'an in Sura Yusuf!

      Anyway, the full story has been a favourite among the Sufiyya e Karaam and Hazrat Mawlana Abdur Rahman JAMi, the great Persian Naqshbandi Sufi and poet, wrote a book in rhyme called 'Yusuf o Zuleikha' which is the full story of their love affair and full of deep, mystical meanings. It is a classic of islamic lit.

      Anyway, i'll end with a verse by Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi [alayhi rahmat] about the story of Yusuf alaihisalaam's beauty: (It compares the beauty of Hazrat Yusuf with the matchless beauty of Our Master Huzoor Pur Noor Sayyedna Muhammad al Mustafa sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam)

      Husn-e-Yusuf pe kaT-tee hain Misr mein angusht-e-zanaan

      Tere naam pe kat-Tay hain sar, mardaan-e-Arab!

      (In other words Our Prophet [alayhi salatu salam] were SO beautiful that even for their name the Sahaba would willingly cut their heads let alone their fingers! If someone asks but it says that Yusuf alaihi salaam had 9/10 of all Beauty? Yes, but all of Creation was created from the Noor of Our Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam; which was the first thing Allah ever created. )

      Allah Hafiz!


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      I only add to your comments that Wazir was an impotent man and his wife (so called Zulekha) was very much frustrated. She could not resist the beauty of Hadhrat Yousaf Alaysalam. In a way there was a justification for her to think about him all the time.

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      Where is suphism in a story of relationship of wazir's wife with some handsome bloke (Wazir was apparently unable to satisfy her sexually) and what is so great about this story. You read such stories all the time in magazines.

      Such things keep happening all the time. Like guys, girls get attracted to good looks and if the deal at homne is not good enough or if they feel they can keep it secret, they will have affair.

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