They say your liberty ends where my nose begins. Do you follow the same rule? How much do you interfere in other people's life, it be the family, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, your community, i.e. people included in your immediate social circle?

Its very much natural to condemn what you find below the standards of an ordinary ethical living. Like if your neighbour beats his wife. I know you would never approve that, but will you step ahead and stop him, or simply respect the privacy and individual rights of the couple, i.e. its their life, their problem.

If a family member is not regular at reading their prayers, how do you feel about it? Do you take it easy and leave them on their own that maybe someday they will learn the worth of it or you perform your necessary duty to call them to amar bil maroof and nahi anil munkir?

Lastly, how do you react, in the above situations, if someone else would take liberty to interfere in your privacy and tell you right from wrong?

Please enlighten