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      I did not know that we also have these kind of aunties. And they ask for money? What a complex and complicated gender. I'd kick their butt. Why do even people bother in hiring those kind of women? No trust in your own personality? No trust in inquiring?

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      Quote Originally Posted by sheyn View Post
      Everything has its pros and cons........I've got friends who met through internet matrimonials or rishta karane wali aunties and they have great marriages.

      However I would not trust either and it really is your own responsibility to do all the research and homework to verify any given information.

      I've personally had rishta karane wali aunties suggest guys , even as recently as a few days ago and in her words he is " Bahut hi acha insaan hai , mein family ko jaanthi hoon , yehiin settled hani etc" ...........but 20 minutes into the first conversation , I find the guy drinks , doesn't pray , categorises people into groups depending on lineage and asked his parents to put up a business for him so he can live in the lifestyle he thinks "Befits him" instead of working to achieve that lifestyle ! ..... ........other than that "Bahut acha insaan tha" !

      So really U can't trust anyone just because someone recommends them........U got to do your homework !

      Its easier when the person is part of social circle only cause then you have more info on them from the get go but even then people can turn out to be entirely opposite of what they show themselves to be.
      Is it just me or do 80% of Pakistani boys fall under this description?
      I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Deeba1234 View Post
      I think a lot of the time this is true eg. girl walks home from school with a male classmate one day, auntie sees them, puts 2 + 2 together and gets 5, rumour spreads that the girl is 'easy' and has a white bf and when she gets a proposal from some distant family this rubbish is then passed on Kinda reminds me of that bit in 'Bend it Like Beckham' where the girl's marriage is nearly called off when her sister is seen 'making out' with a boy at the bus-stop (she's just giving her friend, a girl with short hair, a hug lol) but it sums up the simple-mindedness and stupidity of a lot of these women.

      A true example, a friend of mine went to live away at uni and some stupid auntie decided to start telling ppl she had moved away to live with a boyfriend, honestly these people need a slap.

      An example of the other side of this stupidness is the assumption that a girl who always wears salwar khameez and dupatta living in the west in somehow more 'decent' than a girl who wears western clothes, no matter how modest it is, or if a boy is a doctor he is obviously 'whiter than white' and has impeccable morals..
      I haven't lived wit my parents since highschool, and this concerns me. Like how many people must have gossiped behind my back about things I never did?
      I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.

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      These rishta walis do what they have to do coz they're getting payed for it...
      What pisses me off more is that our own families are the ones encouraging all sorts of weird rishtas these ladies send...
      They put immense pressure on us, while at the same time saying "oh theres no pressure on u" par larka bohot acha hai, uski mom bohot achi hai, uski job achi hai, he is very educated!! But at the end of the day, if one can't even stand the sight of this guy, how can one spend the rest of their life with this person??
      These rishta walis can be handy sometimes but they can be deadly too, wen they send a rishta which is their idea of a "perfect match" and then the family jumps on the band wagon and the drama starts!
      Honestly everytime i have to dress up and serve tea to some potential hone wala dulha and his family, i feel like a bali ki cow, whose been well fed and looked after and now is put on the market for sale! The boys family can look , ask questions, do whatever they please and at the end of the day even have the option to reject as many girls as they want!

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      I wish, hope and pray no girl has to go thru this and find their match in family, friends or thru them.

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      My own khala is a "rishtay walee auntee". I showed her this thread, and she was quite amused to say the least. Here are her comments:

      1. She does not charge anything for her rishta services.
      2. She does not place any ads.
      3. She only does the rishtas of the families she knows, and the families that they know, and so on. That way, everyone can be traced back, and there are almost no surprises.
      4. She has been doing the rishtas for the last 20+ years.
      5. She will say no upfront to the people who come with unrealistic expectations (example: a guy who has just come from pak, has only an intermediate (high school) qualifications, has no US education or qualification, is working at a gas-station wants a khoobsurat, US citizen Doctor)
      6. She does not give any guarantees of anyone's character: she introduces the two parties, and then its up to them to do the background research etc.

      She has kindly obliged to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to ask.

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