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      I am interested in the topic of FreeMasons and their demonic activities against Islam. Does any one knows anythin' about Prof. Rasheed Karolia from South Africa?

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      Yes I think I can point you in the right direction,,,,,
      go to this web site :-


      Harun Yahya is an author who has written many books on Faith,Religon and political issues...he has also written peices on freemasonary and you can view some of this text on this web-site.

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      Please, can someone provide a summary on the subject here...on GupShup?


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      .... this is one of those subjects that people are frightened to discuss, many people just shrug it off, and say "Its only a conspiracy theory, which is made up ", yet many people belive that there are certain organisations, which would like to see a one world goverment, and to go aboat this is to control or as some people belive to destroy, any country that these organizations feel that are a threat to there ultimate goal.that is why there has always been a third world, and developing countries (some of them Muslim countries)
      ME...I Personally think this will never happen, there maybe a good attempt to , but I have faith, in that if ever there is a world war III, Islam will one day prevail.
      Look it up....every one has a different opinion about this subject...LETS HEAR WHAT OTHER GUPPIES THINK ?

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      You explained it very well!! But now since I written it I guess I would post it any way....

      Let me give you some insight about Freemasons and their Anti-Islam activities. But let me just inform you that my knowledge about this topic is limited, that is why I'm trying to find more about 'em!

      Q: What are Freemasons?

      Well, there are some underground Christian sects, which are secretively propagating anti-Islamic principles! A part of their faith is that the whole of the world should be ruled by one leader; a leader who would completely negate the teachings of Quran. These sects are known as Freemasons. The emblem they often use is also a Demonic one -- the symbol of one eye -- which, most probably, points to the evil Dajjal, who would have one functional eye and is expected to rule over the world before the arrival of Hazrat Issa, who would defeat him. Remember, Christians & Jews also believe that one day Dajjal will come but unlike Muslims, they think that he will be their "Savior").

      Now let me tell you a little about their activities so far...Some of them are taken from Prof. Rasheed Karolia's Research.

      (1) Try looking at Coca-Colas' Logo in a mirror and by close examination you will see that the text is written in Arabic...the text is read as, "La Makkah, La Muhammad" which means "No Makkah, No Muhammad".....could this be a coincidence --- I don't know but it does seem strange, isn't it????

      (2) Now I'm sure you must've seen Nikes' shoes "NIKE AIR" which caused a lot of outburst in some Muslim countries!! The logo of "AIR" was written exactly as we write "Allah" in Urdu or Arabic. I really mean it, when I first saw it I couldn't believe it was AIR, it seemed exactly like the word Allah!! Those "NIKE AIR" shoes were banned in some Muslim countries immediately!!

      (3) If you listen Madonnas' song "Like a prayer" backward, you will clearly hear her saying the words "Hear O Satan!"....it seems that the prayer wasn't directed towards God. Also if you hear the song "Hotel California" by Eagles (backward), you will hear the words "Yeah Satan"....these could be coincidences but then again they too seem a lil strange, don't they???

      (4) What about Coca-Colas' advertisement in which they showed Muslims praying before a Coca-Cola instead of Kibla! Another similar example is an advertisement of a Jeans in which they showed Muslims before a girl wearin' their jeans!

      There are many more but it will be very difficult for me to explain them. I mean, it is better if one listens them directly. Actually, I have an MP3 file which is just a tiny part of Karolia's research but unfortunately; the size of the file is 10 Megabytes! Which means it's very difficult to forward the file to others. Perhaps somebody can help me by telling me how can I UUEncode the file....I may upload it to a server so that interested people may download it!

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