Hi everyone, I’m a undergrad student and I’m trying to learn Urdu for a research project but I haven’t been able to find much online learning materials in regards to Urdu grammar. Nevertheless I did manage to come up with a couple of verbs to get an idea of Urdu grammar. My original goal was to translate the English sentences below into Urdu so I can so how Urdu grammar patterns work however because a lack of online learning material I only managed to translate some of the verbs. I was hoping the you all here could help me translate these sentences properly into Urdu since you all are fluent in English and Urdu. The main thing I’m interested in is the verbs. I am able to understand Hindi at a basic level and I have heard that Urdu is a bit similar to Hindi. So, if you don’t want to translate the entire thing, then the verbs alone will suffice. But please type them in the Nastaliq script if possible. otherwise naskh is fine. Well, here goes. [FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT]

1. I speak Spanish.
2. I used to play video games.
3. I ate a cookie 5 min. ago.
4. Last year he was ill.
5. When his parents built the house, he was ill.
6. At the beginning of this year he has been ill, now he is fine again.
7. He had broken a leg, therefore he couldn't come to school.
8. I’m reading a book now.
9. I was working while she was studying.
10. I was eating there (- let's say lunch) until I got to know that there were cockroaches in the kitchen. Then I left (immediately).

11. I had been lying there for 3 hrs. before I fell asleep.
12. You will have been eating for 10 min. when I finish.
13. He wants me to go home now.
14. I would buy more food but I’m full now.
15. You are baptized now. ‘passive’
16. You were baptized for 5 min. ‘passive’
17. The city was destroyed by the fire ‘passive’
18. I had been baptized 3 times by 2001.
19. I will have been baptized 6 times by 2002.
20. If he paid me more, I would stay. (2 possibilities for ‘if he paid me more’)*
21. We would have built the house, if we had had the money.*

Below are the verbs that match the above sentences, supposedly. [FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT]

1 کہتا ہوں
2 کھيلتا تھا
3 کھاتا تھا
4 مريض ؟
5 باناتے تھے / مريض ؟
6 ؟ مريض / مگر ابھی اچھا ؟
7 ٹوٹ چکا تھا / ممکن ہونا ؟ آنتا تھا نہيں
8 پڑھ رہا ہوں
9 کام کر رہا تھا / مطالعہ کر رہا تھا
10 کھا رہا تھا
11 ليٹ پکا تھا
12 کھا پکا رہو گے
13 پاہتا ہوں جاو
14 ؟ / مگر ابھی بھراہوا ہوں
15 ؟
16 ؟
17 ؟
18 ؟
19 ؟
20 ادا کرتا تھا / ؟
21 ؟ / ؟