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      I don't know too many details but I think this is interesting 'male dominated game'. Khair, kabootar bazi has always been part of our culture, but I think initially kabootars where supposed to find specific destinations and the one that'd find its destination before the others, won. But kabootar bazi these days is quite interesting and different.

      First of all, a pair of kabootars can cost around one lakh, one of the boys from my village bought a pair to that price. Phir they start training them, its said that they can cost you thousands of rupees a month. Kabootars don't really need much except food and water, hai na? When games are arranged, the lowest bet is around 3000 Rs per kabootar, and one can easily win up around 70000 Rs in one round.

      Basically the game has one rule: Kabootar that stays up in the air longest wins. Now that doesn't sound like a biggie, lekin the trick is that they get kabootars tunn first - Powdered sleeping pills, alcohol or drugs are used, I think. Or was it a mixture of alcohol and sleeping pills, hampf. I didn't get the record flying time of the year, but it couldn't have been too long.

      You also get fines and all, like someone in my village got 25000 for dunno harassing someone else's kabootars or something. Some serious kabootar baz have rented or even bought separate houses for kabootars.

      This is pretty good side business - Maybe I should start exporting villayati kabootar, Danish kabootars should have pretty okay chances given our dirking habits. This game has potentials!

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      Sabah two thoughts.

      1) Kabooterbazi as I remember in Delhi (old delhi, Nai Sarak, Chandni chowk, Jama Masjid area) was along the following lines.

      There would be a bunch of guys who would stay on top of roofs during the late afternoon evening hours and blowing whistles and motioning their group of kabooters to fly around in packs. They would then throw some seed in the air and the kabooters would return to peck at a few and then resume circling up n the sky. Each kabooter knew where there coop was and which CHhat was theirs and would promptly return to the roof when the seed was lofted. The trick was to get the others' kabooters to join your kabooters in the air and there by increasing hte size of the pack and getting them to comeback to your Chhat. A winner take all game. There were kabooter baz's who would start out with a pack of 10 kabooters and increase it to fifteen after 5 hours on teh roof. Some of the hacks lost their coops. The kabooters weren;t your run of the mill gray ones, they came in all colors, with red wings and white tufts etc.

      Fastforward 23 yrs....and 10,000 miles

      Madhanee and I are standing at Bryant Park Cafe in NYC on a warm spring afternoon. We are watching the kabooters fly around us in dizzying patters. The colors the have are simply dazzling. The small pleated mini-skirts (kabooters in NYC have Hayaa) and the Manolo shoes only accentualte the hours of leglifts at Crunch Gym in the winter. Their faces are cherubic, glowing even. I touch madhanee on the shoulder as one kabooter comes by and asks, "do you want to join us?". Thinking back at the days in Delhi and the Kabooterbaazi and how packs joined each other in the sky...i am welled up with tears. She takes Madhanee's hand and walks us to their pack...

      ONLY in America where the Kabooterbaaz are led to the pack by the Kabooters.

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      I could see that one coming...

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      Sacchi baat hai..Xtreme! Dekno..iss mein bura nahin maan na! Humaray kabooter tumharay kabootaron sey aur bhi haseen hai.

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      maan gaye bhai...yahaN kabootar ka suntan bohut crap hai.

      Sorry yaar I couldn't think of the right urdu word for unpleasant.

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      I have been close to some kabootar baz in Rawalpindi (next to Islamabad). These people get so much involved in it that they waste hours on their roof tops. Now any game can be bad if it gets excessive. BUt the nature of kaboota baazi is such that it involves a lot of time. On top of that the poor pigeon when lands back after a day of flying, it is exhasted and trust me its bad. They feed it with almonds, nuts, vitamins and i don't know what.

      The kabootars make a lot of mess on thr roof top and so their place has to be cleaned everyday. This is an added headache. The smell still remians.

      I kind of enjoyed it in the beginning, but was not happy at all when my own brother ended up getting kabootars on our roof top. 24/7 he would be up on the roof with the kabootars. Each one of them had a name. After so much efforts was able to get them out.

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      dumb game.. waste of time/money/energy.
      Bless you.

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