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  1. Nawaz Shareef (The Master of "Noora Kushti")

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  2. CIA: Secret Operations, Drug Money

    By Farzana Shah
    Monday, 23 February 2009.

    In Afghanistan, U.S./NATO have ...
  3. "Doom Dollar" use of the gold dinar as alternative

    To those who are interested in Economic 101 should understand the having one currency (USA Dollar) as ...

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  4. 9/11 WTC, Terrorist Attack inside Job

    1st of all no one knows if bin Laden is still alive. If he is still alive what condition is he in? Is ...
  5. United Muslim State

    The Whole Muslim will not be united until the second coming of Christ (a.s) but we can form unity like ...
  6. renamed the Province or city after famous people of Pakistan

    There is no province or city named after Liaquat Ali Khan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Quaid-e-Azam, Allama ...

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  7. Pakistan's Balkanization

    1002 Views but no comments. Why?

    Here is how you prevent Balkanization ...
  8. Mumbai Attak (inside Job) Plan to break up Pakistan by Alex Jones

  9. ismaili/aga khani

    Islam vs Agakhanism/Ismailism

    1535 views and no new comments????


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